A beat tape inspired by growing up in
South Brooklyn.
Self-released on Soundcloud on
August 11, 2020.


this dark diction (2018)

Performed by Rachel Rudisch (flute), Breana Gilcher (oboe), Brian Walsh (clarinet), and Jon Stehney (bassoon).

rwj 2009 (2017)

Performed by the New Millennium Brass Ensemble; trumpet solo performed by Ethan Marks.
Premiered on April 14, 2017 at the Wild Beast, Los Angeles, CA.

oublier (to forget) (2017)

Performed by C3LA: The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles.
Vocal solo in “hôtels” performed by Diana Hill-Woolner. Vocal solos in “1909” performed by Molly Pease, Jocelyn Scofield & Ariana Stultz. 
First two movements premiered on February 17 & February 28, 2018; at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Glendale, CA and the Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, CA. 


Third movement premiered on February 15 & February 16, 2019; at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral and ArtShare LA in Los Angeles, CA. 


First two movements produced jointly by C3LA and the Sound and Fury Concert Series as a part of their “Words Like Blades” concert program. Third movement produced by C3LA as a part of their “On the Threshold” concert program. 

C19H23CIN2 • HCl (2016)

Performed by gnarwhallaby.
Premiered on February 7, 2017 at the Wild Beast, Los Angeles, CA.

tableaux (2015)

Performed by Allison Brewster Franzetti.
 Premiered April 17, 2016 at the Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, NJ.
 Produced jointly by Mason Gross School of the Arts and the Zimmerli Art Museum for their Music at the Museum Concert Series.